Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday at the US Open

So off we went this morning and arrived by 10am. With little grandstand space (no surprise there), we did get to see alot of great players and some good, but fewer great shots. With the rain rolling in, we were stuck in the mud, but remained relatively dry with the umbrella. And, it is amazing how much the seats clear once Tiger moves to the next tee-box. We called the 15th green our home today and got to watch Stricker, Weaver (my new fav), Campbell, Furyk, Olgivey, Jiminez, Weekly, Poulter, Edefors, Harrington, Stricker, Westwood, Leonard, Woods....and I just cannot remember all the others. BUT, by 4:15, we called it a day. And are happily watching the start of Round 3 from the comfort of our living room couches - glass of red wine in hand. I'm a happy girl.

Goooooooooo Weaver! and Gooooooooooo Tiger.......I have to root for him to have a big comeback, repeat on the Black, and repeat last year.....

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