Saturday, February 9, 2013

2-9-13: Slow Progress....

Hello! Last weekend we were all over the place and went to a Superbowl Party.  Needless to say, I didn't get alot of sewing done, but I did cut a bunch of new tote bags.  Thirteen to be exact.  Linings, fronts and two pockets each.  And, here is my gripe.....fabric costs have gone up, just like everything else in the world, so when the cutters cut "exactly" the measurement I request, I wish they would allow for the uneven edges!!  Can't they give a 1/2" on either side? So when I square off my fabric, I can have the size I want?  My other gripe: damaged fabric!  One piece has a stain right in the middle....and another the manufacturer didn't print the pattern and colors correctly throughout the design - so a large piece has the design "off" where it should be.....ugh.  I've tried to use the bad fabric design by having the bad parts hit the inside of my pockets, but I cannot get them all this way.  I'm not going to finish the ones I'm questioning as I may change the pockets to another fabric.  I managed to sew up a good portion of the tote bags that needed black thread.  I hoped to get some completed, but then I ran out of black thread! I'll put it on my shopping list.

I did get my "On the Rail" square design (I think that is the name of the pattern?) put together into a 16-block quilt top.  I also decided to make the other two 16-blocks tops.  One will be bordered in pink, another in green, and the last in blue.  That way, should there be twin gifts or sibling sister gifts, these will coordinate, but be different.  The top is laid out on a black quilt because I thought it would show up better than on my green duvet cover:

I did get a part of my sewing room cleaned - YAY!  Now I have more room to stand by my table.  The 45 minutes was time well spent.  Little Olive was up in her room playing while I was cleaning out - this is her in her "boat" with her buddies.  :-)

As far as using up my stash of products, here is two weeks worth!  I took the first picture because I do not want to forget about the Caldrea Hand Balm.....this has to be one of the best hand lotions I have ever tried.  It absorbs in and doesn't leave a greasy-feel to my hands.  I definitely want to buy more, but no-no-no.....I have to use up my stash first! 

I love the smell of Bath & Body Works "Twilight Woods".  But I know I'm going to like another lotion scent just as much.  We also finished using a big bottle of conditioner, so adding that to the tally. 

Little Bottles: +6 (one wasn't pictured)
Big Bottles: +4
Spools: +1

Happy Saturday Night!

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