Monday, January 21, 2013

1-21-13: MLK Day

What a weekend!  I'm happy that my current full-time job honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by giving us this day as a holiday.  I reflected on his legacy and also read through Little Olive's first-grade view on him and caught up on what she is learning in the classroom.  I love that the kids get insight into all the holidays, big and small.  She had a great little "book" she put together on him.

With regard to my resolutions, I did take a teensy step backward.  I had to go up to Joann's Fabric to get brown strapping to complete two tote bags I started last summer.  Of course, after a 45 minute drive, I had to look and see what else was available and on sale.  I was also manned with three, 50% off coupons on non-sale items (namely, the strapping because it is never on sale).  I came home with this:
Fabrics for more new totes and for four new baby gift sets.  I also bought more of the owl-on-branch and woodland fabric because I think the sets will quickly sell.  Plus, SIL Olive #2, just had Nephew Olive #3 and she wanted the Owl I was already down to three. 

I did get a quilt top completed.  I used two charm packs of Tula Pink's fabric line "The Birds and the Bees", but that numbered only 60, six-inch squares.  I could make a 10x6 top, but that is too long....8x7 is more-balanced, but then I'd have four squares leftover.  I decided to use three squares of extra fabric in my stash that had birds on it so I would have enough for 63 squares for a 9x7 layout.  It will be a great lap quilt size once Mother Olive finishes it up:

I did make 24 squares to make a "Rail Fence" quilt, but haven't figured how best to construct.  I have another jelly-roll of the same fabric, so I may make another 24 squares and make three, 16-square tops, or one each of a 3x4, 4x4, and 5x4 tops. Decisions.....decisions.....
 As far as the de-cluttering goes, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.  This is our dining room before.....

....and here it is after.............

All the stuff was either TOSSED or PUT AWAY in its proper place.  Most wound up in the trash.

Happy Monday Night!

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