Sunday, January 13, 2013

1-13-13: Quilt Top and Completed Projects

The status of my "quilt top a weekend" for my New Years resolution? I got one done!  Plus some....I finished four new beach bags, two each of a fabric set, six cell phone cases, and a woodland fabric girls baby blanket, which will be part of a set.  I made 4 blankets, but only top-stitched one.  The other three will be top-stitched next weekend.  But, first things first, the quilt top.  It is a fantastic "beachy" fabric called "Lucy's Crab Shack" by Moda fabrics; it is designed by Sweetwater.  I originally planned this as a baby / crib quilt, but since I had two charm packs, I thought on this would be a perfect fabric line for an adult lap quilt.  So the re-working skills came out.  I did the layout with my original pieced parts and completed the now-larger adult lap quilt / toddler quilt.  Since the weekend has been all-rain, I took the picture on our queen-size bed.  Once it gets to my mom for borders and backing, it will be a great size.  The colors include, navy, pink, lime-green, orange, and teal:

"Lucy's Crab Shack" fabric quilt top:

I had these tote bags in pieces, but completed the bottom seam, put the bag together, and top-stitched.  I make my beach totes reversible - so yes, two bags in one!  The first is a beautiful serene mint-green and pastel pink floral with a "bubble dot" liner.  The second is a brighter graphic animal design in brown, lime green, bright green, pink, and a bright coral.  The liner is a bright stripe that includes yellow and teal, minus the brown.

Here is the adorable woodland blanket - can't wait to see the completed set when mom makes the matching onesie and bib:

And last but not least, my new cell phone cases:
I didn't do a great job on the de-cluttering a pile, but I did get the Christmas tree down and the decorations put away.  Also went to church with Little Olive as Mr. Olive has that sore-throat starting.  I made chicken cordon bleu last night for dinner and tonight?  Old school pork chops - Shake n Bake style!!

Happy Sunday night - I'm rooting for Houston.....

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