Saturday, April 21, 2012

FNSI: April 20, 2012 RESULTS

For my FNSI, I didn't make a pillowcase for the cancer cause, which I do feel guilty about.  I'm confined to the house from a dermatologist procedure so I didn't get to go to the fabric store for a suitable fabric to use.  But, I did have fabrics from my trip to Florida that I wanted to make into beach bags AND I had a jelly roll sitting in my sewing room that I planned for a new quilt. 

I started around 5:30 pm since 1) I was home, 2) I'd already washed floors, cleared junk mail, sorted laundry, cleaned the kitchen windows, and 3) watched the movie "Something Borrowed" that my husband chose for me from the library knowing I was house-bound.  I ambled up to the sewing room with a vanilla coffee in hand and made 8 quilt squares from the jelly roll fabric and planned the next two.  My daughter picked the fabrics for two different squares so she was thrilled to be a helper.  The fabrics are florals, paisleys, birds, and dots in pink, turquoise, brown, cream, and green.  I'm not sure how I'm going to put the top together ye - I may put a white border between the squares to show them off? Or maybe together?  And thoughts?

Then I cut out 11 new beach bags.  The new outer fabrics are a charcoal gray and plum and tan big paisley, a teal and brown paisley, and a funky blue, green, teal, and tan print.  I sewed on the outer labels and the labels for the inner pocket.  My totes are reversible so I always sew a label to each side. :-)  Twenty-two pockets are ready to attach! 

While it doesn't look like alot, the cutting of the totes, attaching labels, and sewing the pockets is time consuming for eleven bags.  I felt like the quilt squares went much faster - likely because it looks like more of a "result" with a finished square.  I'm hoping I'll have time to finish these projects before May's FNSI, but if not, I'll pick up where I left off.  :-)

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  1. I really like the patches you made. The colors are very pleasing to the eye.
    The plum tote looks to be my favorite!


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