Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friday Night Sew-In: January Results

Last night was the FNSI that two ladies run through their blogs.  Handmade by Heidi and Crafty Vegas Mom pick one Friday night a month and then recruit those who sew to sign-up.  It doesn't matter what the registrants do, but it is to get in front of the machine.  I'm usually very tired on Friday night by the time I've worked all day, commuted home, played with Little Olive, put her to bed, and ate dinner.  Last night was no exception.  While I didn't get a whole lot finished, I did make progress on my tote bags and a bridal party bag order.  I must have sewn 30 Olive Street Studio labels, pinned a stack of various bag parts (pictured on the right in one shot), cut the linings for the bridal party order (she wants navy in and out, but pale yellow lining for the bride), sewed 10 pockets, side seems for five tote bags, and then all the side seems for the bridal order.  More to come bc I think I'll be able to get the bridal linings completed and the outsides cut and side seems sewn by Sunday night.  We'll see! 

These are some other bridal bags I've made for past customers.  The back is a black quilted satin fabric and the front is regular satin with the diamond design woven into the fabric.  I haven't made these in a few years, so I had to measure and write down.  I need to get all my bag measurements in one place so I don't forget!

By the way - it is 19 degrees here in Long Beach.  Our high today is 20.  Brrrrrrr.  I so wish we had a fireplace bc I'd have a fire going already.


  1. Cute Bridal Party Bags! You had a great FNSI :)

  2. Cute bags! Way to go! I think you got a lot of work done.

  3. Those are great!!!! I love FNSI's!!!


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