Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011: Resolutions!

I've never been a fan of New Year's Eve out-on-the-town, but I do love celebrating with close friends and family.  This year we went to my sister's house with my brother and his family.  Since all 7 children would not be awake to ring in 2011, it was a casual fun night.  We then had a Wii Bowling tournament - the 100-pin game.  Very fun!  I'd never played Wii before.  Unfortunate for Mr. Olive, I only made it until 11:45pm.  I intended to 'rest my eyes' for a few minutes and then, it was New Year's Day.

I love New Year's Day because I get to 'start fresh' each year.  Did I stick to my 2010 Resolutions?  Some more than others....but the best part of 1-1-11 is that I get to try again. :-)

1) Pare Down. A recycled resolution, but still applies.  While I did a 'fair' job of clearing out, I'm committed to keeping this up.  My new twist - If I buy something new (like a sweater), I have to donate or toss another.  With this is mind, I should at least not be adding to the problem.  And my question to self from last year, "Do I really need 8 white shirts?" the answer is YES - a white shirt goes with everything and a definite work-staple.   We did shop-in-our-own-pantry and medicine-chest so happy to report that this was successful.  Also successful to find mustard with an expiration date of 2003....

2) Monthly Mad Money. So while I'm not the best at keeping up with a budget, we started off 2010 allotting Mr. Olive and I $100 cash a month to be spent however we choose. How it works:  We put the cash into an envelope and at the end of the month, before we get our new $100, we see where we spent the former month's money. This worked through May, but then the summer came and I didn't keep up.  So we're trying again in 2011.  Last year I felt the money like a vice-grip in that envelope since I was used to buying what I wanted, when I wanted.  This year, I feel no such pressure.....I think it just took time to get used to waiting and really knowing if something was worth pulling out the cash. 
3) Promote the Sewing Business. 2010 was a great year for us - we had the most sales that we've ever had without doing more craft shows.  It was also the year we finally fulfilled the goal of hiring a graphics designer and had our website professionally done (she also did the blog design - Thanks Sunee!).  Here is the link to the new personal website if you'd like to check it out:  2011 will be about promoting the site, new goodies, and I'm hoping I can get us into a few little shops.

4) Read more books! Continuing with my resolution of three past years, and since I hit my goal of reading 7 books in 2010, I'm going to make a real jump and go to 10 for 2011.  Or maybe I should just go to 11 in honor of the year?  11 it is....

5) Exercise.  So I didn't reach the "Run a 5K" goal I set in 2010, but will try again this year.  I have a co-worker that runs, so I've asked him for the race schedule for the 2011 season.  As my parents have noted as they try to start regularly walking, 'sign up for a race and the deadline will be there'. So that's what I'm going to do.  I also have a gym membership at work so I'm hoping to use the treadmill and start Yoga classes.  My longer-term goal is still to run a 1/2 marathon by the time I'm 45...we'll see.

6) Enjoy life more!!  I'm someone who is always 'doing something' and trying to get items crossed off the list so I can 'relax', but the relaxing-part rarely seems to come.  This year I'm going to read the newspaper, do the Sodoku, read more to Little Olive...heck, life only comes around once.  :-)

What is in store for you this fine first day of a new decade??

This is Mr. Olive with the youngest niece, 6.5 month old Barbara.....


  1. I think your resolutions are admirable! Good luck!! I don't make resolutions. Did you see my Our Gang post?

    Your niece is so cute and reminds me of baby Spanky. I love me a fat baby!

  2. It's good to see you sharing your goals. I think that stating them out loud, writing them down, or telling friends about them will help you to commit. Reading more books is definitely a goal I share with you, and I am actually doing pretty well so far. I even joined a book group! Best of luck to you this year, my friend!


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