Saturday, March 17, 2012

FNSI: March Results!

While I didn't get the new quilt top started like I'd planned, I did manage to get 6 new blankets done.  I cut six of the green jungle, so two are still in pieces, but at least these got finished and ready for matching onesies and bibs!  For the new baby boys out there....

 Green Jungle - look closely - what made the designer of this adorable fabric include a whale??
 Alexander Henry "Zoo" fabric - love the bold colors and graphic animals...
 Dinosaurs!  T-Rex, Stegasauraus, and Brontasauraus
I'm going to check out the other FNSI results!

Last weekend, I finished these totes....since I've already taken the pictures, I thought I'd show them off too.

Damask and Nautical Rope - Reversible

 Green Damask and Stripe - Reversible

Blue and white stripe and Swirls - Reversible


  1. FNSI is a great group to find inspiration... and your bags make me want to run upstairs and make one. They are fantastic. Love the baby blankets you finished during this months FNSI.
    See you again! :)

  2. Great finishes! And maybe just maybe the designer of that zoo fabric wanted to make sure he had everything covered from air to sea! but then who really knows what some think!

  3. Love the Alexander Zoo fabric, so much fun! Your totes are fabulous Jennifer. I miss sewing!


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