Monday, September 19, 2011

Friday Night Sew-In: RESULTS

So while I didn't get any pictures posted of my results from the FNSI, I thought I'd give a pictureless update so at least when I look back, I know I did something!  I completed 4 beach totes and one adorable elephant baby blanket.  I sold one of the totes at the Craft Fair yesterday and was so happy I finished something that then sold!  I also worked on a little zipper pouch based on "Handmade by Heidi" tutorial and for a first attempt at a zipper, it didn't come out half-bad.....but that also means not half-good.  So I know the tweaks that need to be made, but am psyched that I now know I can "zipper"!  Pictures will follow.....


  1. I'm slowly making my way to see what everyone accomplished for FNSI. Sounds like you had a very productive night! Congrats on selling one of the totes and a successful zipper install!

  2. Sounds like a super productive night of sewing! I hope you're doing great!

  3. Your enthusiasm is making me want to sew, and that doesn't happen very often!


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