Friday, June 3, 2011

Two New Totes and a Handbag....Summer 2011

I found these fabrics and fell in love - my problem? I see fabric and I buy it.  Sometimes I use it, but other times I 'save' it.  Well, nothing good can come of a saved piece - the better option is to make something with it.  So here are my two new totes....



I also made a little hangbag in the SEASIDE fabric since I had extra.....

I have the best model!!  :-)  Happy Weekend!


  1. dude. i'm constantly buying fabric to "make things with" and then it goes in my file cabinet. forever. because it's just to pretty to use. go figure.

  2. You always choose the best fabrics! They're all so pretty and versatile. I am loving "Miami Beach"- both the bag AND the photo! ;-)


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