Sunday, February 6, 2011

January: Resolution Results

January is behind us, and that means closer to Spring.  I am one who actually likes the snow, but I could do without the sleet, freezing rain, unless I'm planning a day indoors.  Then I do not mind.  But, January is O-V-E-R....and as far as the resolutions are concerned, for my $100 "mad-money", I ended up not spending it all.  I treated my daughter to $18 of Zhu-Zhu pets, spent $15 on preferred-parking when we went skiing (it is so worth to not be stuck at the far-reaches of the parking lot when temps hover 12-degrees), and $53 at Jones New York for some casual work clothes.  Oh, I also plunked-down $5 for a Mega Millions quick pick.  Total: $91.  Mr. Olive has one-itemized listing on his envelope: $3 Taco Bell.  But, he has no money in it and I found the envelope behind the keyboard on the computer desk.  I'm not sure I think he should get February's funds since he isn't playing by the rules....what are your thoughts??

Book 1: COMMUTERS.  Our library has 10-day books that are new releases (the hot authors new releases are on 7-day Express and no renewal).  I browse the section to see if I recognize anything or think the jacket synopsis looks interesing.  I thought "Commuters" could be a good bet, but after the 342 pages, I wondered, 'Why do I waste my time?'  This story is told from the view of three generations of married-into family members.  I thought it had no great character development, or family development, no real "action", and tons of loose ends.  I've decided there are too many well-known books that I have on my to-read list to waste more time in this section of the library.  While I'm going to tackle "New Moon" next so I can return it to my SIL, its rightful owner, I'm going to turn my attention to those I've been saying 'I've always wanted to read that'.


  1. Good to hear you're sticking to your resolution! And as far as reading books that turn out to be stinkers, I swear I was just talking about that with my sis-in-law the other day. It's so disappointing when you take the time to read a book that turns out to be unsatisfying.

  2. If a book has lost me by chapter 4, I don't go any further. Usually means the rest of the book is just as slow.

    Haven't read a good book in ages.

  3. Way to go with your resolution! If I can't get into a book by the second chapter I have to give up, otherwise I just end up doing the "I see the words but my mind is wandering" thing, and that's not real reading. and as for Mr. Olive, He needs to get with the program!

  4. Yay that you are following through on your resolution! I have semi followed through on mine. I seem to be getting back on track.

    I often find myself reading books and realizing they weren't worth my time. Then it puts me off reading, and I don't read anything for a few weeks usually.


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